Web Push Notifications

Overview Retarget prospects who have already visited your website and invite them back. Web Push notifications are clickable popup messages that appear on your web visitors. They can increase your reach significantly by targeting every person who visits your website irrespective of the device they use. They don’t even have […]


Overview You can wow your end-users throughout their journey with professionally designed content. You can customize the popup template with your own branding and have them active in a few minutes with actionable buttons. A few use cases of this functionality is to prompt onboarded users with welcome messages, explain […]


Overview SMS or Short Message Service is one of the most prevalent channels used to communicate using mobile devices. It allows brands to send text messages to users. More the number of mobile devices and telecommunication providers, the more the number of global users using SMS to communicate with organizations. SMS […]

Support Notifications (In-app messages)

­Overview Through in-app messaging, you can facilitate onboarding, share product updates, and offer support to your customers. In the support push notification, a push notification is sent to the users and also a channel will be added to the chat list. Customers can reply with a message on that channel […]

Mobile Push Notifications

Overview Push campaigns target users through notifications for your app or website. A mobile push notification includes the image and has an expiry date. For the mobile campaign, we have a separate screen where customers can find all the mobile pushes. When the expiry date passes, the push notification is automatically […]

Engagement Channels-Overview

Overview A marketer can send a message to a user through a push notification on the application, a push notification on the web, an email, an SMS, and so on. These varied mediums used for message delivery are known as Channels. HIPPO engagement automation supports multiple channels to help marketers […]

Automation Settings

Automation Settings The automation settings let you set up your configurations, channels, user attributes, surveys, and events. Let’s understand each of them. Config Channels Surveys  

Pages/Email Templates

Pages/Email Templates HIPPO lets you create a customized engagement experience through our Pages/Email Templates feature which lets you either create your own template or choose from the library of already created templates. You can also edit the existing templates as per your needs You can use these templates to send […]

Create New Segment

Create New Segment To create a new segment, click on “New Segment” in the top right corner of the “Segments” menu screen. This will redirect you to the “New Segment” page. Kindly refer to the screenshots below: Enter the Segment name, Segment description, and Select segment type: Dynamic, Static, and […]

Segment Details

Segment Details Clicking on a segment row on the “Segments” menu screen will lead you to the Segment Details page of that particular segment. You can navigate to this page from Engagement Automation>Segments > Select a segment from the list. The Segment Details page lists the Segment name, type, description, […]